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An introduction to Google Analytics

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Analytics Advice | 1 comment

What is Google Analytics and how does it work? (its free by the way)

I am sure if you asked the coders and developer’s there would most definitely be a story, likely containing a brave knight, some degree of pixie dust, a troll, copious amounts of caffeine, team chats on hangouts, than as if by magic plop the software that now is used by nearly fifty percent of the top ranking 1,000,000 sites. (49.5% ranked by Alexa)

Press on and this wonderful Chimera at inception needs only a snippet of JavaScript code on each page of your website, and the gears start turning Google Analytics starts its metrics telling you such information as:

Audience Acquisition Tracking

With Google Analytics you can track historical records of your visitors to see increase or decrease in Google ranking and external referrals to your site.

Acquisition Tracking

Utilizing things such as “% New Sessions” tool the number of first time and returning visitors. By using this metric you not only have the tools you need to view percentage of new customers but also, see how much your encouraging your existing customers to return.


Real Time Audience Tracking

Allows you to see your current visitors with an array of information attached to the visitors location, view time & device type.

What your users are using.

  • How many people visit my website?
  • Where do my visitors live?

Audience Behavior Tracking

Offers a range of tools to help you track the behavior of your audience and website visitors. This data includes visitor flow, page view as well as view real time data. This data can help you set goals and track goals, in addition it can aid in improving the user experience on your site & offer an insight to how your visitors are interacting with specific pages.

Google Analytics New User Metrics

Tracking Can Be Done By Seasons, Goals, Days, Weeks, Months.

  • What pages did my converting customers go to on my website?
  • Where are my visitors finding my website from?

Response Metrics: Load times on each page, (This is incredibly useful for telling you if a video, or image is lagging your user causing their experience to be worse than it should be allowing you to make changes that lead to more conversions.

  • Where can I improve my website’s speed?
  • Where am I losing customers?

These are just a few of the tools that Google Analytics gives its users at the cost of free.

Want to learn more or see it in action: Reach Out Conor Tomkins Creative would love to help you configure Google Analytics, give you an insight to your websites performance, and help you attain the most from your site”.

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